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At Trollbound Entertainment we are dedicated to the development and production of original Nordic streaming content in America for all Scandinavian publishers, brands, advertisement agencies and media outlets. 


Here we provide a world of brand new, affordable and exciting digital content possibilities tailored to reach, engage and connect with Nordic audiences - on the platforms where they love to watch it. 



A selection of line productions and commercial work done by Trollbound Entertainment.




Trollbound Entertainment lineproduces in all 50 states through our local offices in New York and Los Angeles.


We have a long track record, covering needs and avoiding pitfalls concerning visas, insurance, permits, payments, crew, equipment, casting (including major celebrities), location scouting and much more. If you have any questions about producing in the USA or a specific assignment, please contact us for more information. 




America has almost any backdrop you could ever wish for - a wide range of different sceneries from dramatic landscapes, historic sights and famous architecture to iconic American settings. 


With our experienced location managers and local partners, we will help you find exactly what you imagined as the perfect location for your shoot and organize permits, equipment rental, transportation and accommodation no matter if your shoot is on the West Coast, East Coast or anywhere in between.



At Trollbound Entertainment we focus on Scandinavian advertisement productions in the USA. 

We collaborate with award winning directors, cinematographers and photographers. Together these exceptional storytellers provide a wide range of looks and creative expressions, so that you can get exactly what you envision for your next shoot in the USA.

Meet our directors below.



Tommy Wirkola

Adam Neutzsky-Wulff

Michael Pfleghar

Peter Gornstein

Daniel Fridell

Erik Almås



Dave Spilde

CEO, Producer and Partner

Daniel Berge Halvorsen

Producer and Partner

Ilana Pinker

Marketing Manager

Truls Teigen

Line Producer and Production Manager 

Sean Gornstein

Chief Creative Officer and Country Manager Denmark

+45 4059-2667





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