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Tommy is an award winning director and writer, with a long list of Norwegian and Hollywood projects under his belt. He is an actors director with a great talent for humor and with his unique visual style he has been bringing in audiences all over the world to the big screen. To advertising, Tommy brings a cinematic voice that is commercial, bold and distinct.



Directing everything from commercials, award winning AAA video games to critically acclaimed drama series Peter Gornstein brings extensive, unique and highly diverse directing experience to your projects. Peter’s versatility as director spans across all plattforms and genres including comedy, action over drama.



Michael has an extensive portfolio consisting of successfull viral online campaigns, one reaching over 27 million hits globally, as well as highly acclaimed advertising work, that has earned him several nominations in the industry, among others, the prestigious Clio Awards in the United States. Michael loves to push the boundaries in genres such as humor, action and adventure, always bringing great passion, originality and dedication to every project he takes on.


Adam is an experienced director, creating astonishing production value on even the smallest budgets. He has created numerous commercials for clients like Bang & Olufsen, Carlsberg and a global campaign for Pandora Jewelry. Adam brings an outspoken, heartfelt and captivating cinematic approach to storytelling. He has also directed more than 70 music videos for internationally acclaimed artist and won a TMF Award.




Daniel is a multi award winning director, with an extensive list of Scandinavian and international TV and film projects to show for. He has made commercials for clients like United Nations, Haribo, Epson, Hyundai, Elextrolux e.g. 

To advertising, Daniel brings exceptional directing talent with a rock solid reputation for creating strong visual storytelling.




When it comes to commercial photography & directing Erik Almås is already considered a legend within his field. Featured in Luerzers Archive’s 200 best Advertising photographers Worldwide, Erik has worked with high profile clients including Intercontinental Hotel group, American Airlines, Absolut Vodka, Ritz Carlton, Union Pacific, Toyota, Hyatt, Puma, Pfizer, Microsoft and Nike to mention a few. 

Erik Almås
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